Jonesboro Police Department Works With District Court to Offer Arrest Warrant Amnesty

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Jonesboro Police Department Works With District Court to Offer Arrest Warrant Amnesty

With the goal of reducing outstanding warrants and offering a second chance to violators, Craighead County District Judge Keith Blackman has instituted a warrant amnesty program which will begin today for certain misdemeanor arrest warrants issued by the court.
Persons who have outstanding Craighead County District Court warrants for “Non-Payment of Fines” or “Failure to Appear” which were issued prior to August 10, 2008 or warrants for “Violation of the Arkansas Hot Check Law” issued prior to August 01, 2009 may be able to get their warrants dismissed, extra fines dropped, and their driving privileges reinstated.
In order to take advantage of this program, persons must do the following:
1. Turn themselves in to the Jonesboro Police Department Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or at the police agency where they were originally charged.

2. Pay the underlying charges or tickets in full plus a $50.00 warrant service fee at the time they surrender for Non-Payment or Failure to Appear warrants.

3. For Violation of the Arkansas Hot Check Law warrants, persons must pay the fine and court cost on only one check, and restitution on any remaining hot checks.
For most people, this is all that needs to be done, however, some people may be required to make a court appearance due to possible restitution, victim’s rights, or if the underlying charges carry jail time or other requirements. Non-Payment of Fines warrants will not require a court appearance.
Persons who elect to take advantage of this amnesty offer can avoid possible public service work, additional costs, driver’s license reinstatement fees, additional fines, and bonding company fees.


Posted : 01-27-2010
Updated : 01-27-2010 15:41:43
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