Jonesboro Police Assist Craighead County District Court With Warrant Amnesty Program

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Jonesboro Police Assist Craighead County District Court With Warrant Amnesty Program

Craighead County District Court has announced that if you have a warrant in Craighead County District Court for Nonpayment of Fines, Revocation of Probation, Contempt of Court/ public service work or Failure to appear and these warrants are prior to August 1, 2011, you may be able to get the warrant dismissed, extra fines dropped, and driving privileges reinstated But you must do the following:

1) Turn you self in Monday thru Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm at the Jonesboro Police Department Warrants Division or at the law enforcement agency which originally charged you.
2) Pay the Underlying Charges/Tickets in full plus a $50.00 warrant service fee at the time you surrender yourself.
3) Complete all prior sentencing as ordered by the court (i.e. classes, public service work, etc)
4) Pay any restitution owed.

For most, that is all there is to do. Some may be required to make a court appearance due to possible restitution, victimís rights, or if the underlying charge carries jail time or other requirements. Non-payments will not require court appearance. You may then have to go to driver control to get a suspended drivers license reinstated.

You can avoid possible public service time and can save money by avoiding additional cost, reinstatement fees, additional fines, and bonding company fees.

ALSO: If one has a Hot Check Warrant in Craighead County District Court prior to August 1, 2011, they can get the fine dismissed on the one with the highest restitution and the rest will be dismissed on payment of restitution.

The result will be that hot checks will be paid in full, the defendant will only pay one court cost and there will be no classes required

Both Amnesty Programs will last only for a few weeks and will end without warning


Posted : 01-23-2012
Updated : 01-23-2012 08:41:11
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