About the Jonesboro Police Department

The Jonesboro Police Department is led by Chief Rick Elliott. The department serves a city of approximately sixty-seven thousand, plus many more school-year temporary residents who come to attend Arkansas State University, as well as many daily visitors who come to work or shop.

The Department has 157 sworn officer positions and a total of 33 full and part time civilian support employees.

Although the town, and later the city, of Jonesboro has been served by a town marshal or some other law enforcement officer since the late 1800’s, the Jonesboro Police Department officially began serving the citizens of Jonesboro in 1905.

The Jonesboro Police Department is currently under the direction of a Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police and is divided into four main sections, each headed by a Captain. The divisions include: Administrative Services, Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Special Services.

As members of the City of Jonesboro Police Department we strive to set a standard of excellence for others to follow. In keeping with this goal, we have developed a mission statement that reflects the fundamental principles of the organization and the cornerstone of our law enforcement philosophy:

“The City of Jonesboro Police Department shall strive to ensure that all of our citizens are served in a professional, ethical and equitable manner that respects individuals, protects our democratic ideals and system of government, pursues greater accountability of police, greater public share in decision making and greater concern for civil rights and liberties.”

It is the intent of this administration to provide every employee of the Jonesboro Police Department as much guidance and direction as possible in order to meet this standard of excellence.

Our Location

Police Headquarters

1001 South Caraway Road, Jonesboro,  AR  72401

Phone: (870)933-4614

EEOP Utilization Report

For grant reporting and to inform the public, the Jonesboro Police Department has published an Equal Employment Opportunity Utilization Report that outlines the demographics of the department in various categories.  To see the report click JPD EEOP Utilization Report.