Enforce, Educate, Protect, and Assist

Jonesboro Animal Control aims to Enforce, Educate, Protect, and Assist both the human citizens of Jonesboro and the animal residents, as well. By enforcing animal-related laws and educating the public about animal care and welfare issues, we protect both the health and safety of humans and animals alike. We are here to assist with any animal-related problems you may have.

The Animal Control Department investigates all reports of animal cruelty, animal attacks, and bite reports. At our animal shelter we care for stray, abused, and surrendered animals. Most of our animals get adopted to new homes. By working both here at home and with animal rescue operations across the country, we find new homes for most of the animals we take in. Come visit us soon. Your new “fur-ever” friend is waiting for you at our shelter!

We love to talk about what we do!

We have many kinds of instructional and educational programs for all ages. We will be happy to come to your school, civic club, church group, or any other group and bring some of our friends!

Studies have shown that just spending some time with an animal friend can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and relieve depression. Many of us have certified our own pets to go to nursing homes, retirement homes, and hospitals to help residents and patients have a better day.

We partner with Northeast Arkansans for Animals (NAFA) to offer low-cost vaccination clinics, and low-cost cat neuter clinics. We also offer free training and socialization classes for you and your pet.


The Jonesboro Animal Control underwent an internal restructuring in 2007.  This restructuring placed Animal Control under the command of the Jonesboro Police Department, making them a division of the police department.

The Animal Control facility is located at 6119 East Highland Drive, which is at the very end of Petrey Lane.  The complex, which was built in 2008, covers over 8000 square feet.  About half of this area contains offices and sections for treatment, examination, grooming and training.  The remainder is a dedicated kennel area which includes 60 aluminum alloy kennels and is climate controlled.  In addition, the center is home to 20 outdoor kennels which are covered and attached to the main kennel quarters.  For the health and safety of the animals, separate puppy and kitten rooms are maintained.

The Animal Control Division is supervised by Sergeant Larry Rogers and is staffed by five animal control officers, two kennel masters, and one dispatcher.  Officers are on duty every day of the week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Operating hours for the facility are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Officers can be reached at the main facility during the week at (870) 935-3920.   Weekend and after-hours emergency calls are answered by the Jonesboro Police and Fire Dispatch center at (870) 935-5551.

Animal Control Fees

Our adoption fees are low, especially when you consider all you receive. When you adopt your new cat or dog, they will be spayed or neutered, they will have received a rabies vaccination, and they will have received a worm treatment. Dogs will also receive a parvo and distemper vaccination. In addition to all that, you get the great support and advice from our staff, who all want the best for you and your new pet!

  • Adoption of dog (male or female):     $100.00

    • Includes spay or neuter and rabies vaccination

  • Adoption of cat (male or female):     $85.00

    • Includes spay or neuter and rabies vaccination

  • Adoption of dogs or cats already spayed or neutered:      $35.00

  • Microchips:

    • At the time of adoption:     $10.00

    • If reclaiming a pet:              $20.00

  • Pickup of animals and reclaim:

    • 1st Offense:    $40.00

    • 2nd Offense:    $55.00

    • 3rd Offense:     $105.00

  • Additional charge for after-hours call out:     $50.00

  • Additional charge for use of chemical capture:     $35.00

  • Kennel fee after owner notification:     $10.00/day

  • Kennel fee on quarantine or dangerous animals:  $20.00/day

  • Surrender of  rabies vaccinated animal to Animal Control:     $10.00

    Surrender of non-rabies vaccinated animal to Animal Control: $20.00

    • Owner must be resident of the City of Jonesboro and animal must be healthy, not aggressive, and may not have bitten anyone

City Ordinances

Sec. 10-10 Limitations and restrictions on keeping of domestic animals and/or fowl. It is unlawful to own or possess more 5 domestic animals and/or fowl at one time.

Sec. 10-7 Keeping of swine. It is unlawful to keep any live swine within the corporate limits of the city.

Sec. 10-46 Vaccination required; tag to be worn. All dogs over the age of 3 months must be vaccinated by a Veterinarian and the tag be displayed on the dog at all times.

Sec. 10-47 Confinement of dogs. No dog is to be chained except an adult dog over 1 year of age and less than 20 pounds and the time period does not exceed 2 hours.

Sec. 10-50 Running at large. No person owning, possessing or keeping a dog shall allow the same to run at large within the city.

Sec. 10-54 Inspection and confinement of certain dogs. When any dog has bitten, scratched or otherwise attacked a person that person or anyone having knowledge of such incident shall immediately notify the City Police Department or Animal Control Officer.

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Rogers, Larry.jpg

Larry Rogers
Animal Control Director

Sgt. Larry Rogers oversees the daily operations of Jonesboro Animal Control.  He has been with the police department since 1987 and took over supervision of Animal Control in 2007.  Since then he has been a dedicated advocate for all of the animals that come through the doors of the AC facility.  Adoptions of lost and found animals have increased greatly under his leadership.  He is assisted by several equally dedicated animal control officers and kennel masters.  If you are interested in adopting a pet from Animal Control, they can be reached at (870) 935-3920 or you can check out the Animal Control Facebook Page to see what animals are available.


Animal Control Office
6119 E. Highland Dr.
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Ph: 870-935-3920
After Hours: 870-935-5553

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Monday – Friday
12 – 5 p.m.