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The Criminal Investigation Division is a 20 member unit tasked with the investigation of all types of crimes, as well as other investigative support functions including polygraph services, property and evidence storage, crime scene investigation and the high-tech or cyber crimes unit.  The division handles a variety of investigations, including crimes against persons and property such as murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault/battery, burglary, thefts, computer related crimes, forgery and financial crimes.

Detectives receive special training in a variety of investigative techniques and disciplines, including general and advanced criminal investigations, death scene investigations, sex crimes investigations, child abuse investigations, photography, interview and interrogation, crime scene investigation, and collection of physical evidence.  Units within CID are General Investigations, Property and Evidence, Crime Scene, Sex Offender Registration and the High Tech Crimes Unit.

Detectives are on call 24 hours a day and frequently work varying schedules, but most can be reached during general office hours Monday-Friday at (870) 935-6710. 


General Investigation

The Criminal Investigation Division Operations section is tasked with investigating most non-drug related felony crimes with a sufficient level of solvability. The unit consists of nine detectives that are supervised by two sergeants and a lieutenant and are responsible for investigating various types of crime including homicide, rape, robbery, burglary and forgery. Detectives receive many hours of additional training including those particular to various types of criminal investigations, interviewing and other job specific skills. Two detectives are also certified polygraph examiners and are responsible for conducting polygraph examinations for criminal investigations and new recruit background investigations.


Crime Scene Investigation

JPD has one sergeant and one detective devoted to crime scene investigation and evidence processing. Along with responding to major crime scenes and collecting certain items of video evidence, these detectives are also tasked with processing many of the items collected by patrol officers and detectives in the department’s forensics lab. By processing these items in our own facility, it often saves time in order to retrieve evidence that could aid investigations more quickly. Both officers in this unit are state certified Crime Scene Technicians, utilizing a variety of state of the art processes, techniques and equipment.


Evidence & Property

The JPD evidence and property section is responsible for the care and custody of every item collected as evidence or recovered property. The evidence technician is responsible for checking in every piece of evidence brought in by officers, storing those items until they can be returned to their owner or destroyed, and maintaining records of the chain of custody for each evidence item. Currently, there are over 25,000 individual items housed in evidence.

If you have property that you need to pick up, you may call the evidence technician at (870)336-7141 or the detective that worked your case to make sure it is ready to be released to you. When you come to pick up your property, be prepared to show a photo ID.


High-Tech Crimes Unit

JPD’s CID has three Investigators assigned to the High Tech Crime Unit. These detectives are responsible for conducting searches of computers, phones, jump drives and other items that may store digital evidence. As an affiliate agency of the Arkansas Division of the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Jonesboro Police Department has tasked this unit with investigating complaints of child exploitation and pursuing child predators.


Gang Unit

The Organized Criminal Activity Task Force was created in January after police determined a downtown Jonesboro fatal shooting in May 2017 was gang-related. The force’s purpose is to identify and target criminal groups that conduct drug trafficking, money laundering, alien smuggling, arms trafficking and possession, crimes of violence, murder and aggravated assault, robbery and street-gang activity.


Sex-Offender Registry

The Jonesboro Police Department is responsible for registering sex offenders that live within the city limits of Jonesboro. A civilian sex offender registration specialist is assigned to CID to carry out that task. The sex offender registration specialist also investigates instances of offenders failing to register or being non-compliant with registration requirements.

For more information about who has to register as a sex offender and where sex offenders are located in Jonesboro and throughout Arkansas, visit ACIC online.


Victim Services

The Victim Services Division was implemented to help victims and their families with the rebuilding process after a serious crime. The victim services coordinator makes contact within a few days of an incident and assesses the needs of each individual. If requested, the coordinator will attend court with the crime victim, help obtain temporary housing, provide assistance in filling out court paperwork, and help apply for victim compensation, among other needs.

If you are a victim and in need of help, contact Victim Services at (870) 935-6710, Ext. 2127.

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Captain Lynn Waterworth
Criminal Investigation

A graduate of Arkansas State University, Lynn Waterworth has served the citizens of Jonesboro since 1988 and is currently Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division.  Capt. Waterworth worked her way up through the ranks and has served as a dispatcher, patrol officer, detective, trainer, and crime scene investigator. She has filled various supervisory roles, at different rank levels over the years, in patrol, investigations, administration and internal affairs and led the department in our first successful achievement of national accreditation.

Criminal Investigations Division
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