Crime Analysis Unit

The Office of Crime Analysis consists of one Crime Analyst.  The Crime Analyst position is responsible for the analysis and dissemination of crime activity data and the collection and maintenance of crime intelligence information for the city of Jonesboro.  The information they provide contributes to officer safety and crime reduction efforts.  Additionally, the Crime Analyst provides the Jonesboro Police Department with current and accurate crime maps presenting crime activity data to audiences of interest. The Crime Analysis Unit is also charged with responding to requests for crime data from civilians and departmental staff.  Data exported from this division is used by field agents for more effective, efficient policing; by administration for improved staffing decisions; and by the Mayor’s office for community decision making and enhanced public relations.


The Crime Analysis Unit issues monthly and annual reports.  To see the latest reports, click the links below.

Claire Reynolds
Claire Reynolds Assistant Crime Analyst
Claire E. Reynolds is the crime analysts for the Jonesboro Police Department. Claire currently has a B.A. in political science from Southern Illinois University and is working on her M.A. in Criminal Justice at Arkansas State University. She has been employed with the Jonesboro Police Department Since December of 2014.