Special Services Division

The Special Services Division consists of a number of various units who are under the direction of a Captain. This Division is responsible for deployment and monitoring of the activities of the Motorcycle Unit, Tactical Unit, Traffic Unit, D.A.R.E. program, School Resource Officer program, Warrant Unit, Reserve Officer program, and Honor Guard Unit.

All of these specialized units were developed to combat crime or to better serve our community.  These specialized units are trained for specific duties, and each of these units are staffed with specially trained officers and equipment specific to their mission.  The officers who are assigned to these units often do so as an additional responsibility to their regular duty assignment.

Captain Scott Roper

captroperCaptain Scott Roper began working at the Jonesboro Police Department on December 3rd of 1988. He was promoted to his current rank of Captain in 2001. Capt. Roper is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy and also holds a bachelor’s degree from Arkansas State University. He has commanded every division in the police department and was assigned to the Special Services Division in December of 2015.

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