SWAT Team participates in bi-annual training

The JPD SWAT team participated in Chemical Munitions Training on March 5 as part of their bi-annual re-certification.

Cpl. Jason Chester and Sgt. Trey Dupuy are JPD officers and ALS instructors and helped lead today's training at the Arkansas Fire Academy Northeast Training Center.

SWAT team members represent all divisions of the Jonesboro Police Department including CID, K9, DTF, Street Crimes, Patrol, and more. Currently, the team is comprised of 27 officers, as well as medical doctors and medics who are reserve police officers.

During training today, officers trained in CS gas (the chemical most often used on SWAT call outs), deployment launchers, making entry and clearing buildings filled with gas, as well as exposure and mask/filter testing.

The Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T). is trained to respond to a wide variety of critical incidents including hostages, barricades, snipers, high-risk apprehensions, personal protection, and much more.