Vehicle Break-Ins on the rise in Jonesboro

With a rash of vehicle break-ins this year, the Jonesboro Police Department encourages you to LOCK YOUR DOORS!

Since the filming of this video, the number of these incidents has increased even more. Since January 1, there have been 134 breaking or entering events where articles were stolen from a vehicle. The vehicle's doors were unlocked in 95 of these cases.

Almost 70% of these incidents could have been avoided if citizens would simply lock their doors!

View a heat map of these incidents below, including a differentiation between forced/non forced entry.


Click here to download the KMZ file for an interactive map of these break-ins. Click here for instructions about how to import this type of file into My Maps by Google.

If you are a victim of a breaking or entering or vehicle break in, call the Jonesboro Police Department at 935-5657.

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