Blue lights, what's next?

You are driving along and suddenly see blue lights in your rear view mirror, what's next? Many citizens do not know what to do during a traffic stop.

When you see blue lights:

1. Turn on your blinker and prepare to merge to the right. Find an open parking lot or move as far to the right of the roadway as safely possible. DO NOT feel rushed to pull over immediately. The officer will follow you until you find a safe place to stop.
2. Put your car in park. If you can, turn off your engine and turn down your radio.
3. Sit still. Wait in the car with hands on the steering wheel until you are contacted by the officer.
4. When asked, provide the appropriate documentation - Driver's License, Registration, Proof of Insurance, and Concealed Carry when applicable.
5. Be calm. Rest assured that this encounter will be recorded for your safety as well as the officer's. 
6. The side of the road is not the place to argue. The judicial system has processes in place to defend yourself and we encourage you to do so if you wish.
7. When the encounter is over, merge back onto the roadway. Drive safely!