Multiple Drug Busts Tuesday in Jonesboro

The Street Crimes Unit had a busy day on Tuesday…

During the first bust of the day, the SCU seized a Remington Magnum, an AR15, a Remington rifle, a Ruger rifle, a Savage Arms rifle, a Springfield Pistol, 455 grams of marijuana, 23 amphetamine pills, 23 adderall pills, 5 grans of marijuana wax, numerous types of ammo with multiple rounds each, scale, grinder, vape pen, pipe, and $3852 cash.

The second bust of the day resulted in the seizure of a Ruger pistol, a Jimenez pistol, 154 grams of marijuana, paraphernalia, multiple rounds of ammo, scale, and $807 cash.

A third bust resulted in the seizure of methamphetamine, crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, Xanax, Hydros, Ecstasy and a scale.

Great work SCU!