Jonesboro Woman Faces Attempted Homicide Charges

One woman is recovering from injuries she sustained in an attempted homicide, while another woman sits in jail.

 On May 22 around 5:34 p.m., Amy Stephens, age 39,  was struck by a 2003 Ford Escape driven by 36 year old Melissa Hatley.  Ms. Stephens stated to police that Melissa Hatley was suppose to drive her to work but instead kept driving aimlessly. They began to argue and Stephens asked to get out of the vehicle. Ms. Hatley pulled into the Walmart parking lot on Highland Dr.

 The video from Walmart’s security system shows Stephens exiting the vehicle around the Murphy Station, located on the north end of the Walmart Parking Lot.  She proceeds to walk towards the outdoor garden center when Ms. Hatley pulls up beside the victim.  Ms. Stephens pauses for a moment and as she walks away, Hatley strikes her, pinning her against a stack of mulch.  She then backs the SUV up about 20 feet and runs over her again, pinning Ms. Stephens under her vehicle.

 Witnesses on the scene stated that Hatley got out of the vehicle and crawled under the SUV and began choking Stephens with a lanyard.  The quick thinking witnesses then pulled Hatley off of Stephens and held her until JPD could arrive on scene.

 Ms. Hatley was transported to CCDC to await her Probable Cause Hearing and Ms. Stephens was delivered to her work place by JPD patrolman, J.R. Chambers.