Lever 4 Sex Offender Arrested in Northeast Arkansas

On May 31, 2019 members of the Jonesboro Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Division assisted Trumann Police Department and the Arkansas State Police in conducting a search warrant in reference to a cyber tip that was received by Arkansas State Police on August 18, 2018 from National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

carl chandler.jpg

The cyber tip alleged that a user uploaded files of known child pornography to a cloud storage platform. While conducting the search, 59 year old Carl Chandler of Trumann, a Level 4 Sex Offender, was placed under arrest and escorted outside where he was interviewed by agents with the Jonesboro Police Department and Arkansas State Police. During the interview, Chandler admitted to downloading and looking at child pornography on electronic devices for about 10 years. The residence search resulted in the seizure of computers, flash drives, CD discs, and other items.

Chandler was arrested and taken to Poinsett County Sheriff Office to be held until his PC hearing on June 3. The suspect bonded out and was given a first appearance court date of July 23. He will be charged with Distributing, Possessing, or Viewing Matter Depicting Sexual Conduct Involving a Child, Failure to Comply with Registration and Reporting Requirements, and Registered Offender living near School, Public Park, Youth Center, or Daycare Prohibited.

Chandler was arrested again less than a week later while residing at his mother’s home in Trumann. The residence is known to be a distance of 1413.72 feet from a daycare. Chandler returned to the residence immediately after bonding out and was found to be in violation of Registration and Reporting Requirements. He then advised that he would be living at a local hotel, this request was denied due to its proximity to a school zone. Mr. Chandler is aware of the stipulations of where he may live as he has been a registered sex offender for approximately 10 years, and at each registration visit is required to read and sign the requirements stating he understands the regulations.

The JPD Internet Crimes Against Children Division has three Investigators assigned to the High Tech Crime Unit (ICAC). These detectives are responsible for conducting searches of computers, phones, jump drives and other items that may store digital evidence. As an affiliate agency of the Arkansas Division of the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Jonesboro Police Department has tasked this unit with investigating complaints of child exploitation and pursuing child predators, and work with the Department of Homeland Security as well as law enforcement agencies across the state.