Fireworks in Jonesboro


5 Good Reasons to NOT Shoot off Fireworks in Jonesboro this Week (OR EVER!):

Fireworks stands are ubiquitous twice each year. New Years Eve & the 4th of July. Apparently, people take the whole "rockets red glare" thing literally. The problem is that they can cause real problems mainly because, well, they are incendiary devices that are lit on fire and often explode. In short: they are dangerous.

But, if you need more legit reasons not to use them, here are some good ones...

5. People on NextDoor and Facebook are convinced it is gunfire.

Seriously, the members of social media sites focusing on neighbors are convinced everything is gunfire. Thunder? Car backfire? Dog barking? It's all gunfire. So, imagine tiny bombs exploding outside their windows. Think of all the unnecessary 911 calls we will get. Do it for the Dispatchers.

4. It's scares the crap out of animals.

If you have ever had to try and calm a dog terrified by a thunderstorm, you know what we mean. And, it's not just the fear and whining. Every year, dogs and cats, scared by the sound of fireworks, get away from their owners and are lost. Forever. It's not cool, so cut it out. Do it for the animals.

3. You'll put your eye out.

Ralphie was convinced he would be fine with his Red Rider BB gun, but even he broke his glasses and had to make up that lame excuse about the icicle falling on him. But, you get shot in the face with a roman candle or have a Black Cat go off in your hand when you are trying to fling it at your buddy and the fuse burns faster than you expected, you'll realize we were right.

2. You could set your house on fire...or worse, mine.

In summer especially when there are often hot, dry conditions, houses are routinely set ablaze thanks to a stray rocket. And even if a house doesn't burn down, a misplaced explosion can leave holes in roofs and do some serious damage.

1. It's illegal.

Inside the city limits of Jonesboro, fireworks are a major no-no. You could get fined up to $500. Suddenly, those "buy one, get four free" last-minute deals at the fireworks stand 500 feet outside the city limits don't sound so good, do they? They are illegal for a reason. Let the professionals handle the exploding stuff. Just stand around and "ooh" and "ahh" and swat mosquitoes.

Jonesboro Code 2006, § 7.36.01; Ord. No. 2693, § 1

Sec. 34-2. - Selling or discharging.
It shall be unlawful for any person to keep for sale or offer for sale, or to sell, shoot, fire or explode any firecrackers, Roman candles, skyrockets, toy pistols, torpedo or fireworks of any description within the corporate city limits. Any person found guilty of violating this article, shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor, and fined an amount not to exceed $500.00.

AR Code § 20-22-704 (2017)
This subchapter shall not affect the power of any municipality to regulate or prohibit the sale or use of fireworks.

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