Body Camera Footage - Aasin Lester Commendation

The Jonesboro Police Department is releasing the body camera footage of a July 8 incident wherein Officer Aasin Lester acted courageously, quickly, and saved the life of a Jonesboro citizen.

"On July 8th, 2019, Officer Lester responded to 504 State Street in regards to a vehicle accident. He had been advised that the driver of the vehicle struck a home at this location and the driver was possibly injured.

When Lester arrived and noticed that he was the first on the scene, the driver was still inside the vehicle, the vehicle was on fire, and the driver was not responding. Officer Lester took action and ran up to the vehicle and could not get the door open. He ignored the danger of the flames, broke the drivers side window, and pulled the driver to safety.

Later it was found that the driver had a seizure and was incapacitated. Had Officer Lester not taken quick action and pulled the driver from the flames, he would have burned to death inside the vehicle. This Officer’s quick actions calm demeanor saved the drivers life."