Consumer Alert: Counterfeit bills in Jonesboro

Since July 1, the Jonesboro Police Department has taken 18 reports of Forgery in the 1st Degree (counterfeit money).

15 of these cases involve 29 different counterfeit $100 bills.

These bills are being passed all over town from banks, stores, and citizens alike. The bills JPD has collected all share the same few serial numbers and, while some are decent "fakes," others are very recognizable. We encourage you to be mindful of this epidemic and pay close attention when you are handling cash.

ALL of the bills highlighted in the photos below have been forged and passed in Jonesboro within the last month. JPD encourages you to visit for an interactive tool that helps citizens spot counterfeit bills. We've also included an infographic below with some quick things to look for in old and new $100 bills.

A person commits forgery in the first degree if he or she forges a written instrument that is money, a security, a postage or revenue stamp, or other instrument issued by a government [...]. Forgery in the first degree is a Class B felony.