Body Cam Footage: JPD Incident 18-10031

In an effort to dispel rumors that have surfaced on social media, and to reinforce transparency in all aspects of the department and its officers, the Jonesboro Police Department has chosen to release all body camera footage from an incident that occurred on November 7, 2018.

The training, actions, decisions, and capabilities of our officers were called into question and we, as a department, continue to stand behind all actions that were taken.

It is the policy of the Jonesboro Police Department to:

“ …protect emotionally disturbed or mentally unstable persons from harming themselves or others. When an officer has probable cause to believe that an emotionally disturbed or mentally unstable person presents an immediate threat of harm to himself or others, that person shall be taken into protective custody and transported to a facility where trained professionals can evaluate the emotional and mental status of that person.”


“A.      If an officer receives information from an interested citizen, concerning an individual’s behavior, which appears to meet the criteria for involuntary commitment but the officer did not witness the behavior, the officer shall:

1.      Explain the involuntary commitment requirements to the interested citizen and the need for the citizen to seek the petition in court for such admission; and

2.      Assess the person’s condition and take whatever action appears to be appropriate for the proper care of the person, if the interested citizen refuses to seek the petition; or

3.      Assist the interested citizen in transporting the subject to the appropriate facility if there is no other safe means of transport.”

The video below includes approximately 2.5 hours of footage from the incident. The video is largely unedited and unredacted, save for a few minutes at the end, which are required by law to be blurred due to their sensitive nature.

Click here to view the E911 call log

Click here to view the original police report